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An NFT platform to help content creators raise funds for their digital content, engaging community to Share rewards & revenues.
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Initial NFT Offering in Simple Five Steps

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The world is changing

NFT is the future of Content Ownership

NFT is the future of digital content copyright & ownership, simply as it. No more papers and cross-boarding rigisteration… Just create your own unique content like books, music album, digital art, and mint it using NFT token. Sell it, share it’s re-sale profit for life.
End of story? No, Ownership of digital things on StartFi will expand to include sponsorships contracts for parties, sports events, e-sports teams.
NFT is not mems & games collectables anymore, it will be used on everything digitally in your life, and here we start, with a new NFT things, it’s StartFi.

We are working on many features to simplify the NFT raising fund & selling/buying process, because we believe that the good content creator deserves a great start.

We will Lead NFT Fund Raising Industry

We created this project to innovate the NFT fund raising process, make it easier to start and wrap up by using the power of blockchain solutions.
With a simplified process, quick funding & releasing mechanisms, nothing will stop cash flows from reaching content creators, influencers & celebrities.

Governance Protocol

Token holders will be able to participate in the various aspect of governance of the project


One Platform compatible with various existing blockchains as well as the capability of incorporating future blockchains as well.

Fully Decentralized

An automated market maker (AMM) + NFT DEX built on Ethereum.

Initial NFT Offering

Creators will be able to raise funds by selling NFTs for their products.

Trusted Pools

Trusted NFT Listing with KYC and whitelist integration.

Private Auctions

Creators/Influencers will be able to create private campaigns with specific links (no public listing) to protect their privacy.

Solutions to Match your Needs

Mint your NFT and start selling your digital content immediately. “Your Original” music, digital art, video or any content you own.

If you are a famous enough & have a good proof of work in digital content industry, then it’s your time to start thinking about creating a big project, even if it is a documentary video. The fans and community will decide.

For teams like e-sport teams, It will be a challenge to sell your sponsorship contract in an auction using NFT. What a world that converting everything into digital? be a part of this revolution.

For big publisher & celebrities, you can create your own token to give your community a unique products, special NFTs, and let them show some loyality.


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