The Platform Concept

How we Connect Creators & Fans

Content Creators

Creators can Mint NFTs through StartFi Network to create unique digital assets, empower communities, and share rewards.

Fans & Community

Support NFT creators with raising  funds, upvote design, promoting the artist, holding or participating in fan get together , being engaged in other creative activities. In exchange, fans will receive rewards and exclusive digital assets.

StartFi Platform
A revolution Thing using NFT

What is INO (Initial NFT Offering)?

A new innovation way For creators To raise Money

Content Creators will be able to raise fund for their upcoming project like music album, entertainment video, Digital Art, Documentary Video, Game Collectables that will need some money to start creation process.
In exchange, fans will be able fund those projects using NFT and earn money, resell it as a unique product, publish, republish that content with the copyright management.

For example, A famous books author who want to raise fund for his new book, the NFT buyer will be the copyright owner, he will be able to redistribute that book, print it, sell it on books platforms like Amazon. It’s a new way of investing in digital content in its early stage.

StartFi INO Options
FAN Token for Big Creators

Redesign the Digital Assets Monetization

A new innovation way For creators To raise Money

Reputed artist could create a special limited edition tokens (built on ERC-20 & backed by one or Multiple NFTs) for their fans. Holders of that token will become member of a related fan club, will get access to exclusive contents, rare NFTs, holding or participating in fan conventions, being engaged in other creative activities.

Rewards and revenue shares of the creators will be applied to the according token holders.

“Fan Token” will give the big creators a new way to create their community club with a new way of engagement, supporting and showing loyalty. And could be used to encourage fans to influence the creators for upcoming content ideas.

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