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PixelRobots is the premier NFT collection of PixelVerse. PixelRobots are a multi-utility NFT for the PixelVerse ecosystem, including PixelDeFi and PixelLaunch.

💥Earn passive income from PixelDefi protocol fees!

💥 Level up your PixelRobot. Play to Earn to upgrade PixelRobots!

💥Experience your PixelRobot in the metaverse and partner games!

Note: Round 1 Winners can claim their NFTs on the PixelVerse Marketplace directly on January 31st.

PixelVerse Discounts

  • 0%

    1 NFT and above

  • 5%

    10 NFTs and above

  • 10%

    20 NFTs and above

  • 15%

    30 NFTs and above

PixelVerse Rarity

  • Babybot



  • Tiny Bot



  • AlphaBot



  • Whale Bot



  • Pixel Bot



More About PixelVerse INO

Could you please introduce yourself to our community's new members? Who is the brains behind PixelVerse, and what can you tell us about your team in a nutshell?
PixelVerse is built with a team of passionate designers and developers to build the next generation metaverse. Personally, I have been managing a content creation company before starting PixelVerse. During my time in the content creation industry, we faced the challenges of artists to create value to their content. This is when we realized that blockchain and NFT implementation will help artists to generate revenue but also interact with their fans at a deeper level.
Could you please elaborate on the PixelVerse platform? What distinguishes your platform?
The social attention environment has been one of the most dynamic areas of technological advancements coupled with the astronomic growth in user adoption and investments. PixelVerse aims to be the go to platform for content creators and consumers by employing a strategy of consistent consumer sentiment sampling both in the social media and crypto spheres. This is coupled with the ethos of nimble adoption of upcoming trends that will keep PixelVerse ahead of the competition. The bar to become a content creator is lower today than it has ever been before. In the near future, the process will be seamless and posting content will become as commonplace as shopping online today. PixelVerse is predicated on the simple basis that the consumer attention industry is about to experience a Cambrian explosion. Facebook opened the floodgates when it announced its intention to participate in this space.
You recently announced the impending introduction of PixelVerse's major NFT collection, PixelRobots. Could you please provide some additional information about your NFT collection?
We are constructing our platform to become the Google of virtual interaction. Under our umbrella, we feature PixelClout, a content creator’s platform for community growth and monetization, PixelNFT, our multi chain NFT system with a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace, PixelSwap, our customized DEX for NFTs that will premiere the world’s first NFT-mining, and PixelLaunch, our metaverse and game centered project launchpad. All of these will be housed in our PixelVerse, a metaverse offering a Disneyland experience of entertainment and content for global consumers. PixelVerse will have our own virtual world where creators can interact with their fans. The key advantage of PixelVerse is assisting the interactions of the creators and fans from the very beginning. Creators can offer their collections on our launchpad, list their collection on the marketplace, and have virtual interactions with their fans. Through the metaverse, people can engage and use their Pixel Robots. PixelRobots is the premier NFT collection of PixelVerse. PixelRobots are a multi-utility NFT that powers the PixelVerse ecosystem, including PixelDeFi, PixelNFT, and PixelVerse. PixelRobots are classified in different rarities that allow users to equip the robots for liquidity mining, governance, and other utilities. PixelRobots are rare & scarce in existence with a finite number of 10,000. When robots are upgraded, the previous leveled robot will be burned forever. Pixel Robots can be used to receive launchpad allocations, receive referral rewards, equip for LP rewards, earn passive income, and engage in Metaverse and partner games.
How will your platform's native token $PIXEL interact with the PixelRobots NFTs?
Users will be able to equip PixelRobot NFTs for LP mining. The rarer the PixelRobot NFT, the higher APY you will get. Throughout the next several months and years, holders of the PixelRobot will be rewarded with tokens.
PixelVerse is a next-generation metaverse NFT ecosystem platform for games, communities, and creators, as defined by you. How is PixelVerse tied to the metaverse?
As our name suggests, we will have our own virtual world where creators can customize their land, avatars, and space to interact with others publicly and privately. Users can also play games and engage in activities. We are all about the metaverse, The PixelRobots power the metaverse but also other ecosystem services.
With regards to these PixelRobots, if there will be any conveniences or perks for PixelRobots NFT holders?
Pixel Robots can be used to receive launchpad allocations, receive referral rewards, equip for LP rewards, earn passive income, and engage in Metaverse and partner games. A P2E game using our Robots will be released later in the year as well
Your project is really appealing, particularly in terms of passive income. Isn't this the most beautiful thing on the planet?
Yes! Most NFTs are not liquid after purchasing, but PixelRobots give additional value to purchase & hold for more benefits on PixelVerse!
You indicated that PixelRobots will deploy on the Binance Smart Chain initially. Are you considering switching to another chain in the future?
PixelVerse NFT marketplace will be multichain, robots can be ported to different chains like Solana, Avalanche, and more in the future.

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