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Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones. Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, Animalia gives you complete ownership over your in-game collectibles. Collect rare cards, create your own NFTs, build your deck, battle with other players and sell cards to other traders.

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Animalia Discounts

  • 0%

    1 NFT and above

  • 3%

    5 NFTs and above

  • 6%

    10 NFTs and above

  • 10%

    15 NFTs and above

Animalia Milestone

  • New Moon

    Q4 2021

    • Animalia game development and marketing fundraising.
    • Whitepaper release.
    • Contract audit.
    • Launch of Phase 1 NFT.
    • Launch of $Anim.
    • Development of Animalia Marketplace.
  • Crescent

    Q1 2022

    • Demo release of Animalia game.
    • Official release of Animalia Marketplace.
    • Development of Animalia Workshop.
    • Launch of Phase 2 NFT.
  • Quarter

    Q2 2022

    • Close beta of Animalia game.
    • Official release of Animalia Workshop.
    • Launch of Phase 3 NFT.
  • Gibbous

    Q3 2022

    • Official release of Animalia game.
    • Development of Animalia game on mobile.
    • Merchandise Online Store.
    • Launch of Phase 4 NFT.
  • Full Moon

    Q4 2022

    • Strategic partnership expansion.
    • Future game expansions and updates.
    • Launch of Phase 5 NFT.

More About Animalia INO

What is the price of the Animalia NFTs?
The price for Animalia NFTs is 870 BUSD. However, Animalia can take advantage of this round's discount as follows: Buy 5 NFTs or more to get %3 discount, buy 10 NFTs or more to get %6 discount, or buy 15 NFTs or more to get %10 discount.
What is the INO style for this round?
This is a first come first serve to allow a fair access to community members to the discounted prices.
What is this round cap?
This exclusive round will grant discounted access to a total of 120 Titans only (60 Ursa and 60 Toro NFTs).
What is the INO distribution for this round?
Users who are successful participating in this INO will automatically receive their NFTs from Anamilia.

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