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ScottyBeam Teleporter is essentially a tool that allows cross-chain NFT movement. Users are currently finding it difficult to transport NFTs across multiple chains, hindering the community's growth and trading opportunities. Users will be able to 'beam' their NFTs to any blockchain, including ETH, BSC, Polygon, Solana, DOT, FLOW, and others, thanks to ScottyBeam. As of the time of writing this article, Scotty Beam has completed their first teleport transaction, beaming a Mutant Ape from ETH to BSC successfully.

The ScottyBeam dApp lets collectors and investors reach and participate in wider markets with higher demand, trade volumes, and liquidity by facilitating (P2P) exchange of non-fungible tokens across different blockchains. The cross-chain teleport feature will move NFT items between blockchains completely automatically and without the need for confirmation. The platform also makes use of the batch-teleport feature, which will send multiple NFT tokens per transaction.

Another important aspect of ScottyBeam is the NFT Validator feature that it will provide to verify the origin and authenticity of the NFTs. It also shows the value and the transaction history of a given NFT. The users of the platform will also be able to automatically create NFTs on any chain of their choice and then will be able to trade them on any marketplace they desire. $SCOTTY token will be the utility token of the platform, providing discounts on the fees that are associated with NFT teleporting, P2P exchanging, trading, and NFT validation.

More About Scotty Beam INO

Is there any specific NFT collection by ScottyBeam, if so how many?
Yes. ScottyBeam has 1500 NFTs.
What is the collection's name, if determined already?
Scottie's Primary Collection.
What the price of each mint?
Is the minting date known? If so, when?
21st of December.
In general, what are the process and advantages of running an INO on StartFi for projects who would consider doing this?
StartFi is working as an incubator for the project, it's not only about launching an INO it will be a long partnership, StartFi will support the project by creating marketing campaigns, spending money on some paid campaigns, posting content about the project to present the project and engage the community.
What exactly is the advantage of using $STFI tokens to participate in the INOs run on the StartFi platform? such as participation can only be done using $STFI, or projects need to pay their fees in $STFI to run an INO on the platform, so it benefits the whole community and $STFI holders, etc.?
No using for $STFI in this INO.

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