Sold Out

SIDUS is the result of the biggest collaboration in the NFT space. Three teams of professionals in different domains and a large number of their supporters came together to launch an AAA-level RPG game based on blockchain and crypto philosophy

SIDUS transports players to a world in which a major technological transformation has taken place. All living beings in SIDUS have become one with technology. Their characters, features and outlook on life have been predetermined by the tech-race they were born into. Inhabited by creatures striving for excellence and power, SIDUS has turned into a war-torn universe, full of chaos and endless clashes

SIDUS ACADEMY Common is an NFT representing an in-game character that entitles its holder entry to the SIDUS HEROES gaming metaverse. Heroes that originate from SIDUS ACADEMY Common NFTs can reach a maximum level of 60, enjoy basic political rights, can join political parties and have Common Academy skin for all races