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What is WARP?

WARP is an ecosystem that includes Play-to-Earn games in which players can compete for prizes represented by in-game loot boxes, battle against each other, and play fun arcade games.

WARP aims to disrupt the Web3 gaming industry by providing a vibrant and immersive ecosystem with multiple short and long game loops.

Low Barrier to Entry

Users can mint our introductory starships for free to become acquainted with the ecosystem's basic features.

Deflationary Utility Token

We are releasing a new ecosystem token with a limited supply. We will also implement several burn mechanisms to deflate the token's circulating supply.

Multichain Ecosystem

Our games will be hosted on high throughput servers, but due to our innovative architecture, players from multiple blockchains will be able to interact with one another.

Interactive Gameplay

Game Modes Include:

Idle Game

PVE and PVP Modes

Racing Mode

Quests (Expeditions)

Mini games (Arcade style)

Faction Battles

Space Lore (Metaverse)

Wrap Game


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